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Downloads & Publications

This section contains links and downloads which you may find useful. There is a list of scientific publications that our staff have authored, as well as links to downloadable content, such as our Capability Statements.

Capability Statements

Biomass & Waste to Energy Capability Statement

Water & Wastewater Capability Statement

Fuel Storage & Handling Capability Statement

Waste & Resources Capability Statement

General Industry Capability Statement

Capability Statement Requests

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Conferences and Presentations

Resource Recovery from Waste Annual Conference, Leeds – December 2016

Dr Ben Herbert presented Stopford’s AVAnD (Adding Value to Ash and Digestate) project at the annual Resource Recovery from Waste conference.

The Energy Drinks, Liverpool – September 2016

Dr Ben Herbert presented on Stopford’s Microwave Induced Plasma Gasification technology at the annual energy and environment networking event.

ADBA R&D Forum – April 2015

Lois Ricketts presented at the ADBA R&D Forum in Southampton in April on “Developing a suite of novel land conditioners and plant fertilizers from the waste streams of biomass energy generation”.

List of Publications

  • Lupa. C.J., Lorkin, M.R., Robinson, L., Ranga Dinesh, K.K.J, Monk, S.D., Sweetman, A.J., and Herbert, B.M.J. 2012. Small-scale anaerobic digestion deployment for the treatment of green and food waste in the UK. Waste Management (submitted).
  • Riding, M.J., Herbert, B.M.J., Ricketts, L., Alcock, R., Semple, K.T. 2015 Harmonising conflicts between science, regulation, perception and environmental impact: the case of soil conditioners from bioenergy. Environment International 70 52-67, Elsevier Muir, G.K.P.
  • Hayward, S., Cook, G.T., Naysmith, P., Tripney, B.G., Herbert, B.M.J., Garnett, M. 2015. Determining the biobased energy fraction of mixed waste; a comparison of existing and 14C-based methodologies. Waste Management 35 293-300, Elsevier
  • Lupa, C., Ricketts, L., Bennett, S., Wylie, S., Shaw, A., Al-Shamma’a, A., Sweetman, A. & Herbert, B. 2013. Analysis of screenings and sludge waste gasification using a novel microwave-induced plasma reactor for the production of energy. Submitted to Energy.
  • Lupa, C., Sweetman, A., Herbert, B., Longhurst, P., Oakey, J. & Wagland, S. 2013. Analysis of equilibrium-state updraft pyrolysis of commercial and industrial waste. Submitted to Waste Management.
  • Weston, P.M., Sharifi, V. & Swithenbank J. 2014 Destruction of Tar in a Novel Coand? Tar Cracking System. Energy Fuels 28 (2), pp 1059–1065
  • Lupa, C.J., Wylie, S.R., Shaw, A., Al-Shamma’a, A., Sweetman, A.J., and Herbert, B.M.J. 2012. Gas evolution from waste pyrolysis using microwave-induced plasma. Renewable Energy. Vol. 50 (2013) 1065-1072
  • Lupa, C.J., Wylie, S.R., Shaw, A., Al-Shamma’a, A., Sweetman, A.J., and Herbert, B.M.J. 2012. Experimental analysis of biomass pyrolysis using microwave-induced plasma. Fuel Processing Technology. Vol. 97. pp 79 – 84. Elsevier.

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